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Morals and Dogma

Morals and Dogma by Deathprod (Review)

This is not a cheery release, and the songs contained within are as black as the packaging.
The Sounds They Made - Empress

The Sounds They Made by Empress (Review)

The sort of so-minimal-it-barely-seems-there lo-fi bedroom pop that could make Low seem bombastic and overwhelming by comparison.
A Brief History of the Twentieth Century - Gang of Four

A Brief History of the Twentieth Century by Gang Of Four (Review)

This compilation captures the panic and urgency in Gang of Four’s stripped down, funked up post-punk.
Silence Is Better Than Nothing - Angle

Silence Is Better Than Nothing by Angle (Review)

The EP reveals a very solid framework that could yield some very impressive work in the (hopefully) near future.
Sung Tongs - Animal Collective

Sung Tongs by Animal Collective (Review)

If loving Animal Collective is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
Moonlight Express - Daniel Lee

Moonlight Express by Daniel Lee (Review)

If you’re looking for a way to pay respects to the memory of Leslie Cheung, you can certainly do far, far worse.
The Täby Tapes - Nanook of the North

The Täby Tapes by Nanook Of The North (Review)

These quirky yet affecting songs tackle love, friendship, alienation, and survival in a suburban, post-modern environment.
No Wake - Tulsa Drone

No Wake by Tulsa Drone (Review)

What’s interesting about Tulsa Drone is the mood of their music and their choice of instrumentation.
Thwap! - Modern Machines

Thwap! by Modern Machines (Review)

Modern Machines blew me away with their raw and catchy tunes, showcasing their talent for proper songwriting.


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