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The Saddest Music in the World - Guy Maddin

The Saddest Music in the World by Guy Maddin (Review)

Guy Maddin has created a weird little movie with a golden heart.
Go, Isao Yukisada

Go by Isao Yukisada (Review)

Sugihara’s struggles feel wholly real and believable, which makes the film’s final scenes of reconciliation all the more rewarding and powerful.
The Cure, The Cure

The Cure by The Cure (Review)

This self-titled album certainly represents a much-needed step in the right direction, displaying a newfound confidence and sense of freedom.
The Boy and the Tree

The Boy and the Tree by Susumu Yokota (Review)

Light A Match And Burn It Slowly - Fitzgerald

Light a Match and Burn It Slowly by Fitzgerald (Review)

There’s no denying that ‘Light a Match and Burn It Slowly’ is full of finely-crafted, emotive folk-tinged pop.
Pretty Little Lightning Paw - Thee Silver Mountain Reveries

Pretty Little Lightning Paw by Thee Silver Mountain Reveries (Review)

The album has some obvious flaws, but is still beautiful and arresting.
The Grand Pecking Order - Oysterhead

The Grand Pecking Order by Oysterhead (Review)

Oysterhead challenges the curse of the rock band fusion and comes out on top, smiling toothy grins.
The Ugly Organ, Cursive

The Ugly Organ by Cursive (Review)

Part of me is thrilled to hear an album this brilliantly bitter.
The Ugly Organ, Cursive

Let’s Design Like It’s 1999

David Bowie's Low

My Celebrity Playlist

Quiet City, Pan American

Quiet City by Pan-American (Review)

The most emotional and affecting Pan-American album to date.
Un Jour EP - Atone

Un Jour EP by Atone (Review)

As lovely as Atone’s sounds are, there’s a sense that the songs lack a real focus.


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