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Millennium Actress, Satoshi Kon

Millennium Actress by Satoshi Kon (Review)

It’s a rich film, creating a tapestry of imagery, memory, loss, and desire that’s quite captivating and moving.
What Price Survival

What Price Survival by Daniel Lee (Review)

What Price Survival is truly an unsung and under-appreciated movie from Hong Kong cinema’s golden period.
The Last Samurai - Edward Zwick

The Last Samurai by Edward Zwick (Review)

My greatest hope for The Last Samurai is that encourages people to seek out the real thing.
Synthstatic, Skywave

Synthstatic by Skywave (Review)

Skywave offers an absolutely exhilarating ride through dreampop’s rawer, wilder side.
Your Everything - Highspire

Your Everything by Highspire (Review)

One of the more substantial shoegazer offerings I’ve heard in a long time.
Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Volume 21 - Various Artists

Little Darla Has a Treat for You, Vol. 21: Winter 2004 by Various Artists (Review)

Featuring Printed Circuit, Sweet Trip, Entre Rios, Boyracer, Randomnumber, Manual, and more.
Battlestar Galactica

Some Thoughts on the New Battlestar Galactica

One thing that really strikes me, as I think about it, is that the show just feels a lot meaner.
Rich Girls

Getting Some Perspective With MTV’s Rich Girls

Is it any wonder other countries look at us and our entertainment, and hate what we, a supposedly moral country, stand for?
For Barbara Lee - Seekonk

For Barbara Lee by Seekonk (Review)

Much like the slowly building nature of its songs, I found my appreciation inexorably growing with each listen.


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