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Concert Review: Anamude, Fromanhole, Little Brazil (August 24, 2003, Omaha, NE)

Returner - Takashi Yamazaki

Returner by Takashi Yamazaki (Review)

Returner is funnest when the filmmakers don’t even try to justify what they’re putting onscreen.
Spirit Flags, A Northern Chorus

Spirit Flags by A Northern Chorus (Review)

I envy A Northern Chorus for having been able to create something this gorgeous.
For And Acted Upon Through Diversions - Emery Reel

…For and Acted Upon Through Diversions by Emery Reel (Review)

Though far from original, Emery Reel does dive into their music with quite a bit of gusto.
For And Acted Upon Through Diversions - Emery Reel

Concert Review: Unwed Sailor (August 2, 2003, Des Moines, IA)

There’s a solidity and honesty to Unwed Sailor’s music that I always find appealing, and that came through perfectly tonight.
Befriended, Innocence Mission

Befriended by The Innocence Mission (Review)

They’re too mellow to be pop, not nearly angry enough to be alternative, too lush to be folk, and too positive for the indie hipsters who crave irony above almost all else.
The Violet Hour, The Clientele

The Violet Hour by The Clientele (Review)

The band has established themselves as one that can not only make you smile with lovely pop songs but can also move you with beautiful ones.
This Is the Moment - Violet Burning

This Is the Moment by The Violet Burning (Review)

Further proof that any day Michael Pritzl chooses to bring new material into the world is a good day indeed.
Olden - 16 Horsepower

Olden by 16 Horsepower (Review)

This collection of early demos and live material reveals just how fully formed the band’s sound was right from the beginning.
Pre-2000 Singles & Compilation Tracks - Flowchart

Pre-2000 Singles and Comp Tracks, Vols. 1 and 2 by Flowchart (Review)

No matter which disc you get, the wide array of styles makes for an interesting listen.


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