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Not One Less

Not One Less by Zhang Yimou (Review)

The film’s realistic approach is refreshing and the children’s’ performances are both cute and poignant.
Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart by Yoshifumi Kondō (Review)

I was excited to watch Whisper of the Heart, but I found it far more rewarding and relevant than I thought possible.
Wasabi - Gérard Krawczyk

Wasabi by Gérard Krawczyk (Review)

Wasabi isn’t a horrible movie by any means, but it’s a bit too whimsical and lighthearted for its own good.
Animal Chin EP - Jaga Jazzist

Animal Chin EP by Jaga Jazzist (Review)

The group’s intriguing use of jazzier elements ensure that their sound more than stands on its own.
Children of Nature

Children of Nature by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson (Review)

A lyrical film about death, nostalgia, and the importance of honoring the wishes of those whose years are near their end.
Give Up, The Postal Service

Give Up by The Postal Service (Review)

This is an electro-pop record that doesn’t properly belong to any movement or time period.
6, Supersilent

6 by Supersilent (Review)

Whereas before I had heard a formless jumble of sounds, I found something beautiful and truly intriguing.
On The Shore - Friends of Dean Martinez

On The Shore by Friends Of Dean Martinez (Review)

A chance to rediscover a band that I’d been enamored with quite some time ago and then subsequently lost track of.
Rounds - Four Tet

Rounds by Four Tet (Review)

While Hebden’s sonic layering can be bewildering, there’s a definite sense of exploration about it that never disappears.
Beneath Medicine Tree - Copeland

Beneath Medicine Tree by Copeland (Review)

Beneath Medicine Tree is not without its flaws, but it hints at so much promise.
Onko - Mika Vainio

Onko by Mika Vainio (Review)

Even diehard fans might find their patience tried as they try to make their way through Onko’s 67 meandering minutes.
S/T - Lowlights

Lowlights by Lowlights (Review)

Intimacy is what this recording is all about.


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