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Dark Water

Dark Water by Hideo Nakata (Review)

With Dark Water, Nakata has delivered everything you could ask from a horror movie plus a little more.
Ditto, Kim Jung-Kwon

Ditto by Kim Jung-kwon (Review)

This South Korean melodrama’s predictable sappiness belies its earnest performances and some clever time-travel twists.
Infinite Keys

Infinite Keys by Ester Drang (Review)

A stripped down album that reveals the honesty and beauty at the core of Ester Drang’s music.
UFO Romantics - Guitar Wolf

UFO Romantics by Guitar Wolf (Review)

You can’t accuse Guitar Wolf of being unenthusiastic, of plying their punk rock trade half-heartedly.

Timesbold by Timesbold (Review)

Timesbold’s take on Americana-influenced music is as creepy as it is captivating.
Little Airplane - Blake Hazard

Little Airplane by Blake Hazard (Review)

Filled with intelligent pop music that could nestle up pretty comfortably with the likes of Lisa Loeb
Yellowstone - If Thousands

Yellowstone by If Thousands (Review)

For Ramona - Los Halos

For Ramona by Los Halos (Review)

Los Halos is a perfect name for this band as they sing about love, angels, dreams, space, and clouds.
A Golden Epiphany - Caul

Muein/Swan/A Golden Epiphany by Caul (Review)

Recent days have seen the release of a trio of Caul titles (one of which is a three disc collection itself), with more on the way.
Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube by Andrzej Sekuła (Review)

An excuse for the filmmakers to whip around some esoteric math concepts with little regard for plot, continuity, or logic.
Plays One Sound and Others - Knife in the Water

Plays One Sound and Others by Knife In The Water (Review)

Knife in the Water’s rare gift for blending the grotesque and the lovely makes their music worth tracking down.
Quietude - Joyful Sorrow

Quietude by Joyful Sorrow (Review)

A heartfelt honesty pervades this album and these songs leave an impression that belies their delicate nature.


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