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Xuvetyn, lovesliescrushing

Xuvetyn by Lovesliescrushing (Review)

This album shows why lovesliescrushing are at the head of the beautiful noise scene.
Grey Ghost Stories, Linford Detweiler

Grey Ghost Stories by Linford Detweiler (Review)

The music lends itself quite nicely to introspective moments and activities.
ST, Circle of Birds

Circle of Birds by Circle Of Birds (Review)

a-b life, mewithoutYou

[A→B] Life by MewithoutYou (Review)

Each of these songs feels convincingly, painfully convicted.
Surround Me, Riki Michele

Surround Me by Riki Michele (Review)

A blend of jazz, trip-hop, and downtempo music that stood out from everything else I heard at this year’s Cornerstone.
Space, Love & Bullfighting - Havalina

Space, Love & Bullfighting by Havalina (Review)

Havalina returns to Tooth & Nail Records with another unique and delightfully quirky album.
Future Songs - Cranes

Future Songs by Cranes (Review)

The band’s first album as a duo and a resounding return to their peak form.
Blisscent 1, Various Artists

Blisscent 1 by Various Artists (Review)

As a fan of all things drone-y, blissed out, and dreampop, this one hit the sweet spot.
Blisscent 1, Various Artists

Concert Review: Dick Dale (June 7, 2002, Omaha, NE)

I was amazed at the hellish force with which Dick Dale plays.
Thank You Reykjavik - Rivulets

Thank You Reykjavik by Rivulets (Review)

Nathan Amundson has quietly established himself as a singer/songwriter to watch.
Legend of the Wolf - Donnie Yen

Legend of the Wolf by Donnie Yen (Review)

Donnie Yen’s directorial efforts are so self-assured, so blatant, and so… bad.
No Man's Land - Danis Tanovic

No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic (Review)

A sometimes humorous, but more often scathing look at the Serb-Bosnian conflict.


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