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Lift To Experience, June 22, 2002

Concert Review: Lift to Experience, Devics & The Golden Age (June 22, 2002, Omaha, NE)

Lift To Experience, June 22, 2002

Concert Review: Rosie Thomas & Denison Witmer (June 22, 2002, Omaha, NE)

Amazing how unassuming songs like those of Denison Witmer and Rosie Thomas can manage to push the whole world away.

Deaf and Dumb

Maybe grace’s finest legacy is that it allows us to realize we haven’t arrived there quite yet

Stenorette by Amp (Review)

AMP has indeed changed their sound, and not managed to totally disappoint in doing it.

Perception (Bliss Out, Volume 4) by Amp (Review)

Perception’s strength lies in the fact that it takes seemingly unrelated sound sources and combines them into glorious music.

Spriggan by Hirotsugu Kawasaki (Review)

Enter Spriggan, the Commando of the anime world, with an Indiana Jones twist.
A Sun Came, Sufjan Stevens

A Sun Came by Sufjan Stevens (Review)

Indoor Universe - Paula Frazer

Indoor Universe by Paula Frazer (Review)

This is Saint Etienne doing what they do best: writing breathless, effortless pop songs populated with stories of heartache and longing.
Indoor Universe - Paula Frazer

Concert Review: Garbage (May 9, 2002, Chicago, IL)

At the Garbage concert at the Riviera, it was Butch Vig who was the last to leave after the band’s first set and its encore.
Gold - Ryan Adams

Gold by Ryan Adams (Review)

A crucial album to restore your faith in the music industry.
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel (Review)

The mix of bizarre sonics, lyrical freakshows, and normal songcraft definitely feed off each other.
In Our Gun - Gomez

In Our Gun by Gomez (Review)

Guaranteed to open up a new fanbase for Gomez while still appealing to the already impressive and varied one they have accumulated over the years.


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