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Concert Review: Fridge, Explosions In The Sky, Cerberus Shoal (April 26, 2002, Grinnell, IA)

Concert Review: Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, T.W. Walsh (April 27, 2002, Kansas City, MO)

Wovenhand, Wovenhand

Woven Hand by Wovenhand (Review)

With the religion in, an Edwards record is the audio equivalent of reading Flannery O’Connor or William Faulkner.
I Break Chairs, Damien Jurado

I Break Chairs by Damien Jurado (Review)

Beneath the unaccustomed level of noise, Jurado remains as incisive a writer as ever, and has never sounded better vocally.
When We Were Small - Rosie Thomas

When We Were Small by Rosie Thomas (Review)

Thomas is the kind of performer that could sing gibberish and make it sound good.
No Solace In Sleep, Aarktica

No Solace In Sleep by Aarktica (Review)

It’s an intense experience, and not one you’ll soon forget.
Control, Pedro the Lion

Control by Pedro The Lion (Review)

A concept album that reveals the lives of the supposedly righteous for the moral travesties they really are.
Crosspross Bells EP - Knife in the Water

Crosspross Bells EP by Knife In The Water (Review)

A little slice of Americana right there in your stereo, albeit one that’s dimly lit and sorrowful.
Fist Power - Aman Chang

Fist Power by Aman Chang (Review)

This movie won’t even meet the standard of a “so bad it’s good” movie.
Shiri - Kang Je-gyu

Shiri by Kang Je-gyu (Review)

This attempt to outdo Hollywood blockbusters ends up looking an awful lot like a Hollywood blockbuster.
Learning About Your Scale - Half-Handed Cloud

Learning About Your Scale by Half-Handed Cloud (Review)

Criticizing John Ringhofer for making strange music is pointless because it’s obvious he has no intent to do otherwise.
To Spirit Back the Mews - Various Artists

To Spirit Back the Mews: An Asthmatic Kitty Compilation by Various Artists (Review)

90% of this comp is filled with beautiful, lo-fi treasures.


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