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Beside This Brief Hexagonal - Roadside Monument

Beside This Brief Hexagonal by Roadside Monument (Review)

Roadside Monument’s music is instantly accessible, but has enough depth, intensity, and emotion to keep me coming back.
Eight Hours Away from Being a Man - Roadside Monument

Eight Hours Away from Being a Man by Roadside Monument (Review)

Probably one of most challenging things that Tooth and Nail Records has ever released.
I Am the Day of Current Taste - Roadside Monument

I Am the Day of Current Taste by Roadside Monument (Review)

Listening to Roadside Monument becomes educational and challenging, while remaining emotional.
Invincible Pole Fighter, Lau Kar-leung

Invincible Pole Fighter by Lau Kar-Leung (Review)

There’s something tragic and disturbingly violent that keeps this from being just another chopsocky flick.
Dead Can Dance (1981-1998)

Dead Can Dance (1981-1998) by Dead Can Dance (Review)

4 discs might seem like a little much for any band, but given Dead Can Dance’s diverse, extensive catalog, it feels just about right.
A School of Secret Dangers, Amy Annelle

A School of Secret Dangers by Amy Annelle (Review)

An understated little gem that deserves far more notice than it’s ever likely to receive.
I Might Be Wrong, Radiohead

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings by Radiohead (Review)

Hearing familiar songs get twisted into sometimes wonderful new shapes makes “I Might Be Wrong” worthwhile.
Son De Mar, Piano Magic

Son De Mar by Piano Magic (Review)

Haunting soundscapes that conjure up misty beaches, abandoned lighthouses, and hulking shipwrecks.
Aida - Mus

Aida (Bliss Out, Volume 17) by Mus (Review)

Aida will gently settle around you like nice, thick blanket, coaxing you to bed but never boring you to sleep.
Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire by Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Review)

Blood: The Last Vampire is a visually stunning, haunting animation whose only real weakness is that, well, it doesn’t really have much of plot.
Anna Magdalena

Anna Magdalena by Chung Man Yee (Review)

Anna Magdalena is about unrequited love, but I don’t need song and dance numbers and a subpar adventure story to reinforce that.
Wiser - Halou

Wiser by Halou (Review)

Halou’s sophomore album is another lovely blend of harsh electronica and 4AD-esque vocals.


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