November 2001 Archives

Fulltime Killer

Fulltime Killer by Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai (Review)

Brilliantly acted and paced hitman action movie that runs out of steam well before the credits.
The One - James Wong

The One by James Wong (Review)

Not one of Jet Li’s crown jewels, though it’s certainly a far cry better than the pathetic Romeo Must Die.
The King of Masks

The King of Masks by Wu Tianming (Review)

A movie that touches on many powerful, provocative issues but also leaves me strangely cold and unaffected.
Shaolin Soccer, Stephen Chow

Shaolin Soccer by Stephen Chow (Review)

Simply describing this film as a movie about a bunch of Shaolin monks playing soccer might be accurate enough, but it barely scratches the surface.
Kung Fu Genius

Kung Fu Genius by Wilson Tong (Review)

Yes, it’s silly and cheesy, but what else do you expect from a kung fu movie with the “duck” style?
Ghost World - Terry Zwigoff

Ghost World by Terry Zwigoff (Review)

A wonderful, sensitive movie about the constraints of society on individualism and the requirements of compromise.


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