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The Mission - Johnnie To

The Mission by Johnnie To (Review)

A stylish hitman film that deserves a much better ending.
Wind Chains - Molly Zenobia

Wind Chains by Molly Zenobia (Review)

If gothic music lived up to it’s name this is what it would sound like.
Suspende Animation - Timonium

Suspende Animation by Timonium (Review)

Timonium is adept at playing music in which silence and space is as much an instrument as the guitar or drums.
Danse Macabre, The Faint

Danse Macabre by The Faint (Review)

They’re a rock band intent on ripping the entrails out of their Korgs, producing the skronkiest, bleepiest sounds they can — and getting booties to shake and bodies to move across the land.
I Don't Think..., Linford Detweiler

I Don’t Think There’s No Need to Bring Nothin’ by Linford Detweiler (Review)

There’s a depth, often dark and mysterious, that flows around the base of each song.
High Risk

High Risk by Wong Jing, Ah Lun (Review)

At times you wonder how much of High Risk is poking fun at Jackie Chan and how much of it is savage satire.
We Are Eyes, We Are Builders - Soviet

We Are Eyes, We Are Builders by Soviet (Review)

My first impression of Soviet’s sound was a mixture of Depeche Mode and Devo.
Love Ambition Demo - Matt Easton

Love Ambition Demo by Matt Easton (Review)

Easton isn’t doing anything mind-blowing here. He’s just very adept at penning good songs, musically and lyrically.
Ask Me Tomorrow - Mojave 3

Ask Me Tomorrow by Mojave 3 (Review)

Mojave 3 has gone for a starker acoustic sound that’s stripped down, sparse, and surprisingly more inviting.
Tokyo Raiders

Tokyo Raiders by Jingle Ma (Review)

This is cinematic frosting… all sweet and sugary, but ultimately fluff.


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