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L.P. - Mothership

L.P. by Mothership (Review)

Randy Rose is definitely trying for some edgy, dark sound with this record, but never really reaches it.
Magnificent Void, Steve Roach

The Magnificent Void by Steve Roach (Review)

This is a soundtrack for outer space, with all of its wonders and terrors.
Covers, The Autumns

Covers EP by The Autumns (Review)

The fact that I received this CD in the mail half an hour ago and I’m already gushing over it should say something for its quality.
The Ghost Sonata - Tuxedomoon

The Ghost Sonata by Tuxedomoon (Review)

At times, the album is a beautiful, eerie lullaby only to dissolve into sounds of gloom and despair.
When The World Sings - Fine China

When The World Sings by Fine China (Review)

The lyrics on I Will Burn Your Winter come to the forefront, with evocative and impassioned results.
Cities In Fog - Jeff Greinke

Cities in Fog by Jeff Greinke (Review)

Much of the music seems too thickly enshrouded by its sonic fog to hold your interest for very long.
Propagation - Robert Rich

Propagation by Robert Rich (Review)

Rich’s music is often dark and forboding, but it also sounds completely natural and familiar.
Ghost, Third Eye Foundation

Ghost by The Third Eye Foundation (Review)

Tension and apprehension lie throughout this entire record, mixed with breakneck beats and rhythms. And it works beautifully.
California, The Lassie Foundation

California by The Lassie Foundation (Review)

Simply put, this album reaffirms all that’s good and golden with pop music.
Wake Up!, The Boo Radleys

Wake Up! by The Boo Radleys (Review)

From start to finish, the Boo Radleys explore the whole of pop, ranging from short, punchy numbers full of hooks to long ballads.
Dead Bees On A Cake

Dead Bees on a Cake by David Sylvian (Review)

I’ll take Sylvian’s excesses any day over, because I know there’s a sensitive mind at work here.
The Soft Bulletin, The Flaming Lips

The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips (Review)

You can create beautiful songs that tread on the edge of human perception, but still inject warmth and emotion into them.


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