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Fixed::Context by Labradford (Review)

Like so many things, brevity is the soul of this album. The amazing thing is just how vast that brevity sounds.

Goldenwest by Ester Drang (Review)

There are those times when, within the first 30 seconds of listening to a new CD, you know you’re listening to something truly special.
The Moon Is Down - Further Seems Forever

The Moon Is Down by Further Seems Forever (Review)

So confident and emotional that it stands a good chance of silencing most emo detractors.
St Mus

Mus by Mus (Review)

The results are sometimes spotty, but by and large, Mus is a rich listening experience.
Selenography Rachels

Selenography by Rachel's (Review)

Whilst requiring more work on behalf of the listener, ultimately this is an experience every bit as rewarding as Rachel’s earlier albums.
Things I Tried to Be - Green Olive Tree

Things I Tried to Be by Green Olive Tree (Review)

When a CD is this unfocused, it’s a sure thing the review ain’t going to be glowing.
Things We Lost in the Fire - Low

Things We Lost in the Fire by Low (Review)

One wonders when Low will get trapped in their musical stylings.
Things We Lost in the Fire - Low

That Is When He Turns Us Golden by Ester Drang (Review)

A noisy space album filled with feedback, experimental reverb, eerie electronics, and soft vocals that should please any My Bloody Valentine fan.
For Stars, For Stars

For Stars by For Stars (Review)

It’s a rare thing to find music that’s as delightfully mopey as this, without becoming overbearing and overwrought.
Quiet As Its Kept - The Billions

Quiet as It’s Kept by The Billions (Review)

The Billions can write indie-pop odes to unrequited love that know all of the right ways to tug at the heartstrings.
Deep Peter Murphy

Deep by Peter Murphy (Review)

Deep’s music was more accessible than that of any Bauhaus records, but it keeps the same quality that characterizes them.
The Modal Lines - Jetenderpaul

The Modal Lines by Jetenderpaul (Review)

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of fascinating things wading through Jetenderpaul’s sonic collage.


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