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Ghost of David - Damien Jurado

Ghost of David by Damien Jurado (Review)

The territory that Jurado explores is not for those seeking easy answers wrapped up in pop melodies.
Introducing the Denver Gentlemen

Introducing the Denver Gentlemen by The Denver Gentlemen (Review)

It’s not a dull listen, because one never knows just how a song is going to end up.
Maximum Priest EP - Squarepusher

Maximum Priest EP by Squarepusher (Review)

Before the disc is even out of the case you expect to have your speakers blown to bits under a barrage of nose-bleed techno.
Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea - PJ Harvey

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea by PJ Harvey (Review)

This is a work of art of an artist whose creative spark doesn’t seem to sell out regardless of the circumstances.
Bulletproof Music - Fringe

For the Vagabond Believer by Fringe (Review)

I hear a band with the talent and skill to be more than what they are, but instead, settling for a sound that doesn’t do their lyrics justice.
The Noise Made By People, Broadcast

The Noise Made by People by Broadcast (Review)

It’s a riveting experience throughout and disturbs and entices in equal measure.
The Blossom Filled Streets - Movietone

The Blossom Filled Streets by Movietone (Review)

It’s not all bad but there are far more interesting examples of this genre to be discovered.


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