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Nature's Clumsy Hand - Asha Vida

Nature’s Clumsy Hand by Asha Vida (Review)

Asha Vida do wake up echoes of early Verve in a couple of the songs on Nature’s Clumsy Hand.
Nature's Clumsy Hand - Asha Vida

Hung Over as the Queen in the Maida Vale by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Review)

This single song shows why they are currently putting out some of the best music today.
Sound of Violence, Third Eye Foundation

Sound of Violence by The Third Eye Foundation (Review)

But there’s just too much going on at once in these songs, and it’s not used effectively.
Issue II, Bon Voyage

Issue II by Bon Voyage (Review)

Bon Voyage plays beautiful, sweet pop perfection.
13 Drones - James Potter

13 Drones by James Potter (Review)

This disk will fit nicely next to that E.A.R. record you own (or should).
Parallel Thoughts EP - Waterfall Effect

Parallel Thoughts EP by The Waterfall Effect (Review)

It’s pretty obvious where The Waterfall Effect derives its sound, but it does so without sounding terribly derivative.
Music for Pleasure - Monaco

Music for Pleasure by Monaco (Review)

Monaco’s music is marked by the immediately distinctive bass playing of Peter Hook.
After The Flood

After The Flood by After The Flood (Review)

After The Flood takes the eerie otherworldliness of Lucid’s music and makes it more musical and listenable.
Coming to Terms - Arco

Coming to Terms by Arco (Review)

Arco’s Chris Healey has just about the softest, whispery-est voice in pop music.
Tragic Epilogue - Anti-Pop Consortium

Tragic Epilogue by Anti-Pop Consortium (Review)

Anti-Pop Consortium’s detours are not the same old breaks trotted out which are sure to rock a crowd.
Hail the Frozen North - Hollydrift

Hail the Frozen North by Hollydrift (Review)

Mathias Anderson displays considerable talent in creating “experimental” music that’s surprisingly easy to listen to.
Neverfigure - Gentlyfall

Neverfigure by Gentlyfall (Review)

I mean, you name the shoegaze accoutrement, they’ve got it.


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