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Perennial Favorites - Squirrel Nut Zippers

Perennial Favorites by Squirrel Nut Zippers (Review)

Another impressive jazz album from the North Carolina band.
Dots and Loops, Stereolab

Dots and Loops by Stereolab (Review)

Incredibly listenable, downright catchy, and kitschy in all the right ways.
Fall Sounds

Fall Sounds by Velour 100 (Review)

Fall Sounds is the perfect name for this album, because the music somehow conjures up images of falling leaves, grey skies, and beautiful sunsets.
Sylph, Writ on Water

Sylph by Writ On Water (Review)

At times, it wonders into brief avant-garde experimentation, but even that is well done, building up tense atmospheres.
For an Open Sky, Velour 100

For an Open Sky by Velour 100 (Review)

All 4 songs have that hazy, jangling guitar that you can find in every Velour song, accompanied by quiet organs and gently brushed drums.
Of Color Bright, Velour 100

Of Color Bright by Velour 100 (Review)

On the whole, I like Fall Sounds more, but Of Color Bright has quite a few bright spots of its own.
Genetherapy, Tleilaxu

Genetherapy by Tleilaxu (Review)

Once again, we have another release proving that not all electronic music falls into that amorphous realm called “electronica.”
Respite, Anaphylaxis

Respite EP by Anaphylaxis (Review)

This stuff is actually worth listening to, and not as some sort of sonic endurance test.
The Limits of Painting and Poetry, The Pilot Ships

The Limits of Painting and Poetry by The Pilot Ships (Review)

These songs will wrap themselves around you, like half-remembered pictures, sounds, and smells.
Quique, Seefeel

Quique by Seefeel (Review)

It’s probably accurate to say that this album best bridged the gap between dreampop, techno, ambient, and jungle.
Excelsis: Dark Noel, Various

Excelsis: A Dark Noël by Various Artists (Review)

An honest, sincere, and moving tribute to one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.

South by South (Review)

The beauty of South’s music lies in its repetition.


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