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Every Day and Every Night - Bright Eyes

Every Day and Every Night by Bright Eyes (Review)

Although it’s only a five song EP, Every Day and Every Night is a weighty affair.
Windows For Stars, For Stars

Windows For Stars by For Stars (Review)

This is the real thing kids, pop music that’s accessible and catchy, but with more than its share of haunting emotion.
In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour, The Autumns

In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour by The Autumns (Review)

In the Russet Gold of This Vain Hour lacks its predecessor’s sense of bombast, instead opting for a much more delicate sound, one of finesse and filigree.
Selmasongs, Björk

Selmasongs by Björk (Review)

Björk’s voice has never been better, nor has her writing seemed so focused.
Christians and Cannibals - Busker Kibbutznik

Christians and Cannibals by Busker Kibbutznik (Review)

I challenge you to find a more diverse and eclectic release that’s as listenable and engaging as this one.
Come to Where I'm From - Joseph Arthur

Come to Where I’m From by Joseph Arthur (Review)

I hope everybody besides me might now see him as Morrissey’s American counterpart.
Conversion - Judgement of Paris

Conversion/Signal by Judgement Of Paris (Review)

The recording and the performances are flawless, perhaps TOO flawless.
OVO: The Millennium Show - Peter Gabriel

OVO: The Millennium Show by Peter Gabriel (Review)

OVO is an almost excellent record, not without its flaws, I must admit, but pretty much worth the money.


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