September 2000 Archives

A Fading Summer EP - The Clientele

A Fading Summer EP by The Clientele (Review)

Ultra-jangly pop songs that sound as fragile as glass sculptures and are just as pretty.
Songs of Latitude and Longitude, Best Boy Electric

Songs of Latitude and Longitude by Best Boy Electric (Review)

I challenge you to listen to Songs of Latitude and Longitude and not get a little nostalgic.
The Premise Is Sound - The People

The Premise Is Sound by The People (Review)

The thing that keeps this from being just another Britpop rip-off is the amount of strangeness The People incorporates into their songs.
This Is Normal - Gusgus

This Is Normal by GusGus (Review)

Confirms the fact that we are hearing one of the most exquisite groups of the ’90s, and of the next decade.
Loa Project 2 Dj Cam

Loa Project (Volume 2) by DJ Cam (Review)

The album represents a return to greatness for DJ Cam.
Faith and Courage - Sinéad O'Connor

Faith and Courage by Sinéad O'Connor (Review)

Features some of the best of O’Connor’s lyrics in a long time.
Fragments of Freedom - Morcheeba

Fragments of Freedom by Morcheeba (Review)


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