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Pelléas, Writ on Water

Pelléas by Writ On Water (Review)

They Grow Their Own Meat (Grade E, but Edible)

They Grow Their Own Meat (Grade E, but Edible) by Farquar Muckenfuss (Review)

Did I mention Farquar Muckenfuss is a psychotic surf band from the depths of some hidden, secret laboratory?
Self-Titled - Empress

Empress by Empress (Review)

Empress makes sparse music that’s both unsettling and beautiful.
Progress EP - Pedro The Lion

Progress EP by Pedro The Lion (Review)

If you’ve heard all of the hype about this group, and are wondering where to start, this isn’t the place.
Monkey Hearts - Pony Express

Monkey Hearts by Pony Express (Review)

Monkey Hearts is better produced than Pony Express’s previous work.
The Impossible World - Combustible Edison

The Impossible World by Combustible Edison (Review)

Kistchy yet intense is the correct description of this catchy album.
1956, Soul-Junk

1956 by Soul-Junk (Review)

Easily some of the most creative music I’ve heard coming out of the Christian scene in a long time.
From the Nest of Idea - Scientific

From the Nest of Idea by Scientific (Review)

If you come to this album looking for another quick new wave fix, you might be a little disappointed.

Supergrass by Supergrass (Review)

Ho-hum, flat, and even downright dull at times
Goodnight Star

Goodnight Star by Goodnight Star (Review)

I sense that Goodnight Star tried a bit too hard to create an album with a predetermined sound.
Alright - Longitude

Alright by Longitude (Review)

Honest, relaxed indie-pop that might be a little innocuous at times but still comes off as solid and heartfelt.
The Death and Life of... - The Deadlines

The Death and Life of… by The Deadlines (Review)

The Deadlines have taken punk and forced it to be as creative as possible, compared to much of the punk found on Tooth and Nail Records.


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